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Founder and Managing Partner

Hisham has worked over the past 10 years on government contracts, franchises, as well as commercial family cases in Kuwait. He has participated in several financial and investment cases totaling nearly two billion dollars.

 Through his efforts and mediation to reconcile between investment companies, he was able within 6 months to end the dispute that lasted for 5 years between companies managing public utilities.

Mohammad ALHarbi


Senior Consultant

Al-Harbi has more than 25 years of experience in managing experts in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice, where he held the position of chief engineering expert and handled many investment cases related to contracts for construction contractors.

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Huda ALWarea


Senior Consultant

Huda started the work of accounting auditing and researching financial issues for nearly 16 years, until she became the chief accounting expert in the Department of Experts in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice.

This period was characterized by the sufficient experience that she obtained through research, investigation and preparation of financial reports for major companies, where Huda contributed to dissolving and liquidating major companies that stumbled in the previous financial crisis in 2008, and which some companies still suffer from until the present time.

Hany Guirguis


Hani previously worked in very old offices with a long history, but he recently joined this elite that strives for excellence.

Hani had many experiences in drafting contracts and consulting, as well as attending the experts’ management, and he participated in resolving a dispute that is considered one of the largest commercial families’ disputes at the present time, as he was part of the team and a major player in preparing the defense that culminated in winning the case and restoring the right.


Murzuq Sayed

Head of Studies Department

Murzuq joined Al-Mulla's office to undertake the task of research and legal and social studies, which in turn contribute to the dissemination of the general culture of society, a role that every institution in society should play.

    Murzuq works at Kuwait International Law College Since 2011, he has worked on the research reference guide and follow up on the latest legal periodicals, journals and bulletins, while directing legal debates on recent topics in the legal field.

    He  recently  obtained  a   master's   degree   in  2021  while  joining Al-Mulla, the title of his thesis is Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Environment.

Abdullah ALMulla


Abdullah has extensive experience in insurance contracts and its types. Perhaps this is the step that made Abdullah a shining element that drew the attention of Al Mulla Law Firm. During the past decade, Abdullah worked in various companies and had a distinguished position in the field of insurance, which made him aware of his most prominent contracts and disputes and a participant in their resolution.


Yousef ALAnsari

Dedicated Lawyer

Yousef is a specialized lawyer, registered in all levels of Kuwaiti courts, and has experience that makes him a good follower of emerging markets.

Yousef has worked for the past three years in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has a good experience in Bahrain laws, transport and maritime trade between the GCC countries, which made him familiar with the labor market and accompanied by his experience in e-commerce.

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